Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sneak Peek at Fall 2010

Dear Diary,

Like the crazy meticulous genius insomniac designer he is, Phong has been slaving away in his studio for the past couple of weeks, working on the FN Fall 2010 collection (already!? Yes, already!). Now, finally, I am so excited to show you some of what he has been working on!

The Fall 2010 collection is inspired by Phong's appreciation for roses (beauty) and his passion for rock music (edgy). Phong wanted to combine the classic vintage rosette with innovative techniques to create a modern silhouette. The color palette is midnight blues, violet and plum hues, and indie indigo with black detail.

For Fall 2010, there will be a bit of rock and a whole lot of roses!

This first dress is called "Rock & Rose."

The top of the sweetheart bodice is made using matte teardrop Sequins embroidered on Tulle and wraps around to the back. The rest of the bodice is made from a two-toneTaffeta. Phong sculpted a "rose petal" from the Taffeta and pleated it asymmetrically around one side, wrapping around the rosettes that he individually hand-twisted from Chiffon. Pretty fantasmic stuff, right diary??

The second design is called "Violets Are Blue."
The bodice is made from a two-tone Taffeta that is draped with an overlay of sheer Mesh. Phong hand-braided the fabric to create a unique draped design at the bodice. Mini cap sleeves are made out of the same Mesh. The tulip skirt is made of Taffeta with a sculpted arch on each side, filled with my hand-twisted rosettes made from the Mesh. Belt detail is made from black matte square Sequins on Tulle backing.

Wow! Are you impressed by his innovative use of materials because I sure am!

Peace and love,