Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ashlee Simpson Magazine Shoot

Ashlee Simpson is a beautiful swan.  We have watched her develop as a singer, actress, mother and definitely as a fashionista!  She has always been a trendsetter and we are loving her new look!  She has impeccable taste and we love the sophisticated, casual chic outfits that she puts together!

We were given the opportunity to provide wardrobe for Ashlee for a shoot for Michigan Avenue Magazine and sure enough, Ashlee loved our Black Dahlia Romper.  Michigan Avenue has featured other celebrities, including Jessica Alba!  In her spread for the November 2010 issue of Michigan Avenue, you'll see how romantically edgy she looks, which we think is a look that suits her perfectly.  We think she looks just gorg!! Don't you agree??

Dahlia Romper
Also seen on Nicole Anderson

Michigan Avenue has great fashion tips and style updates.  It even covers grounds on dining and nightlife so read up on their articles or stop by your nearest newsstand to pick up an issue!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lauren Conrad wearing Bouquet of Roses

I ♥ Lauren Conrad

LOVE LOVE LOVE....We absolutely adore LAUREN CONRAD, aka "LC", from MTV's The Hills! We are a huge fan of hers from when she was on reality MTV's Laguna Beach to The Hills and now to her own Lauren Conrad's Style Book! Lauren is a absolutely gorgeous and is now recognized as a Fashion Icon of our generation! Lauren initiated many trends and is now willing to share her style tips with the rest of the world!

Lauren Conrad's Style Book 2010

I don't know about you, but I have already read her books ten times. Please don't be jealous Diary! I still ♥ you the most!

During her photoshoot for her Style Book, her stylist told us that Lauren loved our FN Bouquet of Roses Dress the most! And we might want to add that she looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in it! Lauren paired it with black opaque tights and black nail polish, which we think is pretty fab. Holding a cute sequined clutch, she is ready to take on The Hills! Watch out Heidi Montag!

LAUREN CONRAD wearing Bouquet of Roses Dress

The hand-crafted roses are really pretty and individually hand-sewn on. Be prepared to have many onlookers looking longingly at you, because it is really a breathtaking dress.

BOUQUET OF ROSES Couture Dress *Sigh*

It is one of those dresses that I think every girl would LOVE to have in her closet. You know the kind I am talking about? THAT dress that is soo fabulous, that you still keep peeking into the closet to check up on, and sneak to wear and dance in front of the mirror because it makes you feel like a million bucks? Yes, FN's Bouquet of Roses is THAT dress.

Please take a look at her fun and fab photoshoot for her new Style Book!

We have been getting requests from fans all over the world: UK, NY, Dubai, Canada, Paris...etc! Please contact us if you are interested in owning one of these lovely dresses!

Grab your copy today! :)

Lauren is doing big things, so keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming projects!
Until next time! ♥

Nicole Anderson in Femme Noir

Dear Diary,

As I promised earlier, here is another update that we've been excited about! You may have seen this up and coming star on Disney's 'The Jonas Brothers' doing what we all do...drooling over Joe Jonas! Nicole Anderson went from preppy teen to gorgeous young adult, now dressed in cutting edge fashion. She is definitely a star you should be on the lookout for! She tweeted a photo of herself wearing one of our dresses and looked absolutely adorable!

Nicole is looking ever so elegant in Femme Noir's special cupcake dress. I think the black satin bow adds the perfect little detail to this feminine and flirty dress!

Here is her Tweet Posting

Nicole also had a photoshoot wearing our darling Romper! Paired with edgy pumps and the perfect pink lip, she looks absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, this shot didn't capture the back of the romper, which has a dramatic black bow...but I'll save that for another day... ;)

Dahlia Romper

You can check out Nicole's Twitter to see what she's been up to.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter as well at FemmeNoirTweets!! <3



Dear Diary,

First off, I wanted to wish you all a happy new year!! With the new year, comes new beginnings...and definitely new posts! I know that I've been away for a little while, but I'm now back with plenty of UPDATES! I hope you're just as excited as I am!

Here is a little preview...I'm sure most of you have seen this recently.

Lauren Conrad in our Bouquet of Roses dress. Isn't she stunning?

Please check back for more posts! Talk to you soon my loves!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nominated for Best Dress at the Oscars

Dear Diary,

Long time no see. Phong has been so busy working on our new collection (more on that soon!) and I have been so busy being his muse that I have been neglecting you, my dear Diary.

Finally though, I've got some news that is simply too big to not write about!

A while back, Phong designed a dress for the Oscars Designer Challenge 2010. Now, with the Oscars right around the corner, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced (or, ahem, nominated) Phong's dress as one of nine finalists (selected from designers all throughout the US)! The winning design will be chosen by voters like YOU and worn onstage by this year's awards escort (commonly known as the "trophy girl").

Phong's creation is a modern twist on old Hollywood glamour, inspired by the iconic Oscar Statuette (also known as the Academy Award of Merit). The dress is made out of a beautiful silk charmeuse in the color "OSCAR GOLD" and features Phong's signature hand-braiding technique. Phong painstakingly hand-sculpted the fabric into itself to form the braid, which runs from the back of the dress, over the top of the shoulder and down the entire length of the front of the gown!

Check out these pics of Ford model Danielle wearing the gown! Doesn't she look so glamorous and classy? Oh, and check out Oscar, too. What a perfect couple, right? ;)

Phong with ABC7's Rachel Smith (Miss USA 2007) and Danielle.

Please click here to watch a runway video of the dress and vote for Phong's design (#8)! You can vote once a day, every day from now until March 1st!

Also, be sure to tune in to starting March 2nd to catch Phong in the exclusive "Behind the Dress" web series hosted by Queer Eye's Carson Kressley!

Catch you again soon...


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sneak Peek at Fall 2010

Dear Diary,

Like the crazy meticulous genius insomniac designer he is, Phong has been slaving away in his studio for the past couple of weeks, working on the FN Fall 2010 collection (already!? Yes, already!). Now, finally, I am so excited to show you some of what he has been working on!

The Fall 2010 collection is inspired by Phong's appreciation for roses (beauty) and his passion for rock music (edgy). Phong wanted to combine the classic vintage rosette with innovative techniques to create a modern silhouette. The color palette is midnight blues, violet and plum hues, and indie indigo with black detail.

For Fall 2010, there will be a bit of rock and a whole lot of roses!

This first dress is called "Rock & Rose."

The top of the sweetheart bodice is made using matte teardrop Sequins embroidered on Tulle and wraps around to the back. The rest of the bodice is made from a two-toneTaffeta. Phong sculpted a "rose petal" from the Taffeta and pleated it asymmetrically around one side, wrapping around the rosettes that he individually hand-twisted from Chiffon. Pretty fantasmic stuff, right diary??

The second design is called "Violets Are Blue."
The bodice is made from a two-tone Taffeta that is draped with an overlay of sheer Mesh. Phong hand-braided the fabric to create a unique draped design at the bodice. Mini cap sleeves are made out of the same Mesh. The tulip skirt is made of Taffeta with a sculpted arch on each side, filled with my hand-twisted rosettes made from the Mesh. Belt detail is made from black matte square Sequins on Tulle backing.

Wow! Are you impressed by his innovative use of materials because I sure am!

Peace and love,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

About Femme Noir by Phong Hong

Femme Noir by Phong Hong is a whimsical yet modern dress collection that pairs classic vintage concepts with innovative design. Layers of sheer chiffon and silk create illusions of raw-edged rose petals, leaves and feathers. Each dress is carefully hand-crafted with attention to detail to ensure an absolutely unique look for the modern woman who is both feminine and sassy.

Femme Noir blends delicate romance with an edgy attitude–a reminder that even the most exquisite roses have prickly thorns.